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APSAD reference documents

APSAD reference documents are made up of rules and APSAD technical documents.
Other certification-related documents are available on the Web site.

APSAD rules are technical reference documents drawn up in cooperation with various safety agents. They meet insurance requirements and are often used as the reference documents for APSAD service certifications.

Elles sont réparties en quatre catégories :

They are broken down into four categories:

  • Installation rules,
  • Organisation rules,
  • Prescriptive rules,
  • Construction rules.

APSAD installation rules deal with fire and theft security system equipment. They provide all the necessary elements for:

  • An instructing party in order to draw up the specifications for an installation,
  • An installer for designing, installing and maintaining it,
  • An inspector in order to perform periodic checks.

APSAD installation rules are:

APSAD organisation rules deal with implementing safety. They provide company directors or safety managers with the necessary elements for implementing safety (availability, equipment, training etc.).

APSAD construction rules deal with areas related to construction and buildings and set out the objectives to be achieved, by offering standard solutions.

APSAD prescriptive rules deal with external services at the protected site. They specify the criteria to be taken into account before signing a contractual agreement.

APSAD technical documents are recommendations or specifications professionals use for reference, insurance professionals in particular.